What’s your shape ?


Mine is the Triangle…

I like it for its shape. I thought it was an unfinished shape 

something can be added but it also has that appeal to the foundation

You start at the foundation and work up to the top 

That’s why I like it. 

I was inspired to do a geometric shape while I was visiting Texas 

I met this really foxy and very pretty women in a vintage store in Austin 

I asked ”Why do you have a rectangle on your arm?”

She said: “no reason I just like the rectangle” I thought it was the greatest answer regarding a tattoo 

Sometimes you like it just because you don’t have to have a meaningful deep thought. 

I laughed and started to think if I had a shape of my own.

I do The Triangle. 


What’s after School




I would lie if I said that I knew what is going to happen in the future. 

All I can really talk about regarding the future is what I will be working hard to get too.

I’m about to finish school and all fear of uncertainty are coming alive more today then ever before 

School is a refuge where you just have to focus on what you have to do and what’s due

You never have to really think of exactly where you’re going to be and live and for who you will work

I hope I can be happy and be involved with non-profit work and fashion, these are my two passions 

I still have to think of how I will put them together

It’s exciting and kind of scary but I really want to be happy and have a reasonable amount of security

That’s the big word that scares me the most the whole idea of being happy and secure financially

On top of that you want to make sure that all the money and time I put in school is worth it

But really I’m super excited and try to be as positive as possible because I believe that in order to move on on the right direction you have to stay POSITIVE and GOAL oriented. 

College has given the confidence and tools. It’s an important foundation to build up a great future



A Museum MUST MoMa



If you have never heard of the MoMa in New York you haven’t experienced the simple fine things in life yet.

The MoMa is the Museum of Modern Art in one of the most exciting city in the World.

It’s modern as the name intel but it offers so much more, this museum is good for any kind of moments

from a quick lunch date to having a after work drink; surrounded by the most refine and avant-guard art out today.

I love this museum I want all my friends to experience it with me at least once. 

In the summer it offers amazing exposes but on friday the entrance is free of charge 

It also is student friendly all year long. 

I have to stop now, I’m starting to sound like an advertising add. 

I love this place because I have been there many times but every time is different.

The obvious is that the pieces and expos changes all the time but it’s a mood and an ambiance too. 

The people there are all so different and even if it’s a huge place it gives you that intimate feel to it. 

I sometimes discover myself through the pieces they put up.

 One of the most magical ones has to be the rain room 

AMAZING, you walk in and everywhere around is rain pouring down but expect on you. 

I simply feel like a child and I always am excited to go back. 

The MoMa isn’t the only one but it’s my favorite and if you are a fashion lover like me. 

You will find yourself inspired by the art and also the people around you.

It’s not one of those very “touristy” kind of place, you can see the artistic and modern side of the CITY 

Also a must do, sit in the small little garden in the heart of the museum and you will feel like you just left the city. 


Style and Personality

Image Have you ever watched a video and said OK let me shave my head? 

Well I have, it was one of the old Rihanna videos lol I know how random that sounds be she made me feel so free and daring in her video, it was the perfect boost to DARE the unthinkable 

 most would say I’m weird! but I really don’t believe in my hair. 

I don’t think it’s what makes or breaks my style.

I went from a fro to a shaved head faster then it takes you to say “Holy SHOE” 😉 ( see what I did there) 

YEah trying to keep it rated G. 

Style is something that expresses what we like and what we want to tell the world 

The Guru Coco Channel herself once said  

“In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different,” so you must strive to feed the real you

feel irreplaceable and unique because we are all different and should love that about our world.

 You’re not trapped to something specific.

It’s the only time where we can openly be bipolar about what we want to say and show

Your style is your mood, sometimes you’re happy and then mad. 

sometimes I want long hair and then I like a shaved head. 

It because difficult when we talk about knowing what’s a “Yay” and a “Nay”

I try to understand what I can do that will compliment me and my features. 

The art of styling is knowing yourself no more or less and specially know what your message is.

Hey and Listen, I didn’t say that, all the most famous designers have said it and I live with that moto

I’m far from saying you should listen or try to please others, I mean that your message has to fit your outfits and you should be HAPPY  being you even if it’s not like “them”.


My Love letter to Summer

Summer I will miss you. I will never forget you. 

Our story this year started early with great adventures, even if I still had to focus and go to my summer classes, most of the nights I got to experience your warm feeling around a drink with some friends. I can’t remember what was our best time perhaps the time when we sneaked in a closed public pool and played but almost got caught or the time we ended the night around a fire place in one of those Austin nights.

Summer I will miss you. I will never forget you. 

I know I can’t thank you enough for those sunny days in my summer dresses, where colors mixed and matched at our wonderful dinner parties we had from New York to Austin, or the many times when we ended the day on a rooftop in the Big city with an amazing sunset gazing at us in the horizon.

I also can’t ignore the moment when you brought back my love from a long and painful absence and together we had couple of sunny days under the sun and fun of your presence. It’s that day I knew you too loved me…

Summer you made me smile and dance under our favorite fountain in Princeton I smile even more to the memories of us rubbing our feet to the grass in our back yard.

I can’t wait to see you again after the cold days in the snow that awaits for me.

You will be missed and You are loved.