A Museum MUST MoMa



If you have never heard of the MoMa in New York you haven’t experienced the simple fine things in life yet.

The MoMa is the Museum of Modern Art in one of the most exciting city in the World.

It’s modern as the name intel but it offers so much more, this museum is good for any kind of moments

from a quick lunch date to having a after work drink; surrounded by the most refine and avant-guard art out today.

I love this museum I want all my friends to experience it with me at least once. 

In the summer it offers amazing exposes but on friday the entrance is free of charge 

It also is student friendly all year long. 

I have to stop now, I’m starting to sound like an advertising add. 

I love this place because I have been there many times but every time is different.

The obvious is that the pieces and expos changes all the time but it’s a mood and an ambiance too. 

The people there are all so different and even if it’s a huge place it gives you that intimate feel to it. 

I sometimes discover myself through the pieces they put up.

 One of the most magical ones has to be the rain room 

AMAZING, you walk in and everywhere around is rain pouring down but expect on you. 

I simply feel like a child and I always am excited to go back. 

The MoMa isn’t the only one but it’s my favorite and if you are a fashion lover like me. 

You will find yourself inspired by the art and also the people around you.

It’s not one of those very “touristy” kind of place, you can see the artistic and modern side of the CITY 

Also a must do, sit in the small little garden in the heart of the museum and you will feel like you just left the city. 


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