Style and Personality

Image Have you ever watched a video and said OK let me shave my head? 

Well I have, it was one of the old Rihanna videos lol I know how random that sounds be she made me feel so free and daring in her video, it was the perfect boost to DARE the unthinkable 

 most would say I’m weird! but I really don’t believe in my hair. 

I don’t think it’s what makes or breaks my style.

I went from a fro to a shaved head faster then it takes you to say “Holy SHOE” 😉 ( see what I did there) 

YEah trying to keep it rated G. 

Style is something that expresses what we like and what we want to tell the world 

The Guru Coco Channel herself once said  

“In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different,” so you must strive to feed the real you

feel irreplaceable and unique because we are all different and should love that about our world.

 You’re not trapped to something specific.

It’s the only time where we can openly be bipolar about what we want to say and show

Your style is your mood, sometimes you’re happy and then mad. 

sometimes I want long hair and then I like a shaved head. 

It because difficult when we talk about knowing what’s a “Yay” and a “Nay”

I try to understand what I can do that will compliment me and my features. 

The art of styling is knowing yourself no more or less and specially know what your message is.

Hey and Listen, I didn’t say that, all the most famous designers have said it and I live with that moto

I’m far from saying you should listen or try to please others, I mean that your message has to fit your outfits and you should be HAPPY  being you even if it’s not like “them”.


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